In a job interview, the ultimate goal is to impress your interviewer. Your answer to the questions asked must be spontaneous if possible, without stuttering and pausing too long.

Your answer must always be relevant and concise. It must meet the interviewer’s expectations and it must show that you know what you’re talking about.

After interviewing several applicants through the years I’ve come up with these “must be done” things that will help you pass your interview guaranteed.

Remember, in all situations there are things you can control and things which you can’t. Focus on the things you can control and forget the rest.

1. Arrive Early

I can’t emphasize the importance of this.

Arrive earlier than expected. This will give you ample time to acclimate yourself for the interview. Rehearse the basic questions and keep yourself neat and tidy.

Tardiness is not a good impression and nobody wants to interview a person who is stressed out and full of sweat.

2. Anticipate Questions That Will Be Asked

This is the most important step yet most people will not to bother doing this.

You must anticipate the questions that will be thrown at you so you can prepare the best answers to these questions. These are the thing which you can control so take advantage of it.

Anticipate all the questions that the interviewer will ask. Always study the basic questions and come up with great answers. Not just answer for the sake of giving an answer but come up with the best answers to these questions.

I find it amusing when I interview an applicant and can’t even give a good answer to a simple question as “tell me something about yourself.” They falter, they stutter and they keep on pausing to come up with something to say.

Read this book – How to Answer Interview Questions: 101 Tough Interview Questions

4. Practice Answering Questions in Front of a Mirror

After acquiring the anticipated questions and coming up with their best answers it’s time to practice. Go in front of a mirror and start answering. Start talking, visualize you’re in front of a panel. Observe yourself and fix what needs to be improved. Your gestures and posture should be

Keep on practicing until you can answer basic questions in detail, be spontaneous and organized in speaking.

5. Bring Additional Copies of Resume

Don’t forget this to include in your “to-do list.” Bring at least 4 copies which you can give out upon request. Your resume will also assist you in filling up forms I case they give you a company application form.

6. Always Tell the Truth

Never ever tell something that is not true. Don’t tell bed time stories that will ruin who you are. Always tell them the truth. You can bend things a little bit like your salary but don’t try to pretend to know something which you do not. This includes falsifying documents just to prove you qualify for the position.

7. Do Your Homework

Try to research about the company. Find out who runs it. Get as much information as you can. This will help familiarize you about the company. It will give you an idea what questions to ask and it will also help you assess if its really worth applying to this company.

8. Don’t Forget to Breath

Take a breather especially if you are nervous. You will start feeling weird and awkward at first. Your heart will beat fast and your voice will shake. This is quite normal especially for first timers. Just pause and breath before continuing. And if things get worse, excuse yourself to use the bath room.

9. Bring Water

Not all interviewers will offer you water. If the interview will be lengthy or if there will be a series of interview from HR to upper management, you need water to quench down your thirst and dry throat. So always bring a bottled of water

10. Use the Rest Room if Needed

Don’t be ashamed to ask for the restroom if you need to use it. If you’re heart is beating fast and you could hardly speak, this is the time to excuse yourself. Go to the rest room, stretch and breath.

11. Ask the Question to be Repeated if Lost

If you don’t understand a question or if you are struggling to come up with a good answer, the best way to buy your tine is to ask the question again and ask them to clarify it. Don’t try to answer a question which you don’t fully understand.

12. Keep on Smiling

A smile is a very powerful tool. It helps put others at ease with you and it conveys friendliness and confidence. A smile will help lighten a wrong answer. It will convey a good lasting impression and make you a likable person. But don’t plaster a smile on your face, smile naturally as you answer questions.