5 Signs You are About to Get Fired and What You Can Do About It

Worried you might lose your job?

If you have been an overperformer employee, you shouldn’t be concerned much about getting fired. Although exceptions still do happen.

Unless the company downsizing, your boss doesn’t like you personally or you have been a bad employee lately. Here are some signs you are about to get screwed.

Your Relationship with Your Boss is No Longer Healthy

If your relationship with your superior starts deteriorating you need to do something. Either you need to have this fixed or it’s time for you to find another job.

Frequent argument of disagreement with your boss only tells that you are no longer needed in the team. And it will always be a losing battle.

Unless you can prove that you are an overachiever and your boss is taking things personally against you then you ask HR for reassignment in another department.

Your Last Evaluation Sucks

Your last evaluation shows you have been underperforming. You came in late many times, your productivity has gone down and your overall performance is saying you are disposable.

When this happens, it means you have been under observation and you do have acted poorly. Don’t take your job for granted. If you’re not happy with what you are doing look for another job.

Always overachieve to get good evaluation results.

Everything Starts to Be Documented

If things which should have been discussed personally with in the past now starts to be documented thru emails and memos, then something is going on.

These kinds of documentations obviously are going to be used as evidence in the future. For each mistake or screwup you make counts towards your poor evaluation and eventually to your career’s demise. So watch out if details of conversation or disagreements are getting documented.

Your Boss No Longer Assigns Important Tasks to You

 your Boss starts assigning important tasks which you have been doing before, then it basically means you’re no longer needed.

If you were the previous top gun and all of a sudden you were stripped of the important tasks that were previously assigned to you then something is brewing behind the scene.

Take this action seriously and act the soonest you can.

You’re Always Being Left Alone

You’re no longer being called in meetings. Your co-worker starts to distant themselves. Your boss doesn’t care if you are in the office or not.

You should take these signs seriously or you might be surprised what would happen in your anniversary or next evaluation.

What Now?

Talk to your Boss. Discuss why the sudden changes in the workplace. If you don’t get a clear answer then it’s time for you to move on.

Assess yourself, are you happy with where you are right now? Are you still happy with what you are doing? Obviously if you were, these things shouldn’t have happened in the first place.

But if you are ready to prove yourself and ready to start making changes then start doing it. If things do not improve and do not change to where they were and everything is getting worse, it’s time for you to look for another job.

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