5 Simple Things Smart People Do Each to Day to Keep Them Smart All the Time


So you want to be smart; clever, keen, witty and amusing whom people will love being around.

It’s not that hard to become that guy and hey I’m pretty sure you are already smart. But you want to become smarter that’s the reason why you are reading this post.

So below I have outlined some simple yet effective things that smart people make each day.

Start the Day by Reading

If you want to broaden your knowledge, keep yourself informed and fill up your head with brilliant ideas then you have to read. Reading is what smart people do each day.

Reading will take you to places you have never been, experience things you have never experienced, know the lives of famous people who sculptured the face of this planet and other things you wouldn’t learn on your own in a lifetime.

Reading is the shortcut for knowledge and smart people know this. You might have heard other people saying “he’s smart he knows a lot of things.”

How do you think that person became smart? Is it because he dated a lot, he went to bars frequently, he watched the TV all night or is it because he’s finishing a bottle of wine every night? Of course not.

He knew a lot because he reads a lot.

So start your day by reading a few pages of a book when you wake up. Read the papers so you will be informed what’s going on. Don’t just stare at your coworkers when they are discussing the news, get yourself informed and join them.

Lastly, end the day by reading before you go to sleep.

Writing Each Day

You should make writing a part of your life. When you write, you think, you analyze and you pull out words and ideas from your mind’s data base. By doing so your memory, creativity and other areas of your brain are enhanced.

Writing everyday means thinking of new ideas to write. Ideas don’t just come from inspirations alone. You have to think about them. Somewhere in your brain, ideas are stored. And by thinking what to write you are exercising your mind to pick out the ideas that you need.

These ideas might come from the things that you have read, from things that you have experienced, from the people around you and from the things that you have watched and observed.

The subconscious part of your brain stores these ideas waiting to be unlocked. You have to practice your mind to extract them and one way to do that is by writing each day.

Keep Yourself Busy – Get a Hobby

Do you have a hobby? If not then it’s time for you to get one.

Having a hobby will make you productive during your spare time. Instead of going to bars spending your time idly, a hobby will make you learn new skills or hone existing ones.

Depending on your hobby, you will also get to know other people if you start asking questions about areas you do not fully understand. This is more beneficial rather than just by reading and following the instructions from a book.

When I started beer brewing and wine making I was surprised to meet other people in my local community. I never expected that even my wife’s bookkeeping client was also brewing beer. So we discussed about it and both of us learned something about that discussion.

I always thought my neighbor would think I am an alcoholic for brewing beer. But when he found out, he said “smart move, now you can drink brewed beer inexpensively.”

Being a Good Teacher

The best way to master something is to teach it to someone. It will make you recall in detail the things that you’ve learned until it becomes your own.

Public speakers know that the only way to become good at speaking is thru constant practice. By sharing what they have learned over and over again soon they will have mastery of the topics that they are discussing.

Executives and managers of companies do well with what they do because they periodically report to a higher management level, the board or the owners. They prepare reports, presentations and other schedules and they better be good and smart if they want to stay on their job.

Try to observe a cab driver, most of them love to chat and they never run out of things to say. And by the way they talk, you can sense that they actually know what they are talking about. These people read the papers each day page by page and their learning is enhanced by interacting and sharing what they know to their customers.

When you learn something new, try to discuss it with your friends, coworkers, family members or to people who are eager to listen. Through discussions and questions and answers you develop mastery of the topic and along the way you will find ways to improve and innovate simple topics or procedures.

Listening All the Time

listen to others, even to the dull and the ignorant; they too have their story – Desiderata

Listening is one way to enrich one’s experience. Try to observe a priest or a pastor, they can provide different advices to different circumstance. They can effortlessly do this because they are always listening to other people’s story. It’s part of their job.

We should try to listen not only to people whom we think are authority to the things they tell us but also to people whom we meet in our day to day activities. The people you sit beside the bus, the cashier in your local shop, the bartender, the cab driver, the barber and your landlord who always asks the payment in advance.

Try to filter out the things that you hear. Absorb the things that make sense and disregard the rest. Sometimes no matter how stupid the story of one person might be, who knows, your mind might come up with a good idea from that story and invent or write something for the good of humanity.

Smart people don’t necessarily have to be intelligent. Although people nowadays connotes intelligence for being smart which is not always the case.

Smart people are good innovators. They answer questions which the ordinary person can’t answer, they have full of ideas and they are problem solvers. The wisest man who ever lived was King Solomon. When God asked him in a dream what he wanted he was smart enough to ask for wisdom. He didn’t ask for riches, wealth, power because he knows that once he gained wisdom, he can have all these things. Now that is a quality of a smart man.