Procrastination comes in different forms.

It is as sly and cunning as the fox. Although it only exists within us, if left unchecked it would gain control of ourselves and ruin our future and lives.

Procrastination is the ultimate destroyer of dreams. It is the mortal enemy of success. And the result of procrastination is failure.

Here are 7 steps to beat it.

Discipline Yourself

You are in control of your life. But that control can be taken away from you if you don’t exercise it. If you allow certain bad habits to govern your life then you will always be unproductive. Teach yourself discipline. Always commit yourself in finishing certain tasks or projects that needs to be completed.

Developing self-discipline is simple but not easy. It takes time to break old habits. Your mind will argue with you. It will distract you from doing things that are important. Do your best not to be carried away and instead control yourself.

Be Hard on Yourself

Not in the mood in doing something important? Then force yourself to act on it. If your laziness has been deeply rooted within you, then it would take some immense force to uproot that evil habit. And in order to break a habit, you need to replace it. You have to do everything to complete a certain task especially if it will take you closer to your goals.

Set a Deadline

Having a deadline sets everything in motion. You make your task measurable and your mind consciously becomes aware that a certain task must be done within a certain time frame. But avoid beating the deadline. Human nature usually tries to finish tasks when it’s almost due. Be in control. Force yourself if it’s really needed

Reward Yourself

Each time you finish an activity give yourself a reward. It can be a cup of ice cream, a few minutes doing Facebook or social media or something that would motivate you to be on top on your next activity. This will increase your motivation aside from the euphoric emotion that you feel whenever you finish something.

Avoid Distractions

Distractions are everywhere. You can’t eliminate them but you can minimize them. That is the cost in the advancement of our technology. Having a strict time management system will help us minimize distractions. Time management allows us to have a balanced life. Without it, we may either overwork ourselves or become an unproductive animal.

As soon as we enter our workplace, we must cut off any distractions that would impede us in finishing our tasks. This would include turning off our cell phone, avoid chitchats with coworkers, avoid surfing the Internet, and other personal stuff.

Accountability Partner

Sounds new but it works. Accountability partner is simply someone who will piss you off when you are not doing what you have to do. It may sound silly but if someone is checking on you every now and then it will help you finish what you started. Don’t choose someone who is close to you. Choose someone that will make you feel embarassed if you are not doings things as expected.

Just Do It

Do you have a pending task right in front of you? Well just do it. Nobody has to tell you when it should be done. The task has been given to you so you should finish it asap. Don’t wait, finish it before doing anything else that’s not important.

Force yourself if needed. Not all delegated tasks will be accepted by your mind. Do the important tasks first. If your mind starts rejecting them and instead tempts you to do something, then be in control.

Once you have mastered yourself, your productivity will improve.