You find yourself always beating the deadline. The reports you submit are poorly written, incomplete and the boss is not happy.

Or maybe you keep on wondering why time is flying so fast you are not finishing what you were expected to finish.

You may have started with the wrong habits at work. It’s not easy to change them but with a strong sense of discipline, you will stand out from the crowd and double your productivity at work by following these simple steps.

Stay Focused

Staying focused and being able to keep up with your hectic schedule while being harassed by distractions is a skill you should master.

It may be difficult at first especially if you have been accustomed to habits that are not helping you to be productive at work. One easy way to develop this skill is to maintain a checklist of all the things that you need to finish within the day.

And no matter what happens, commit yourself to finish all scheduled tasks before the day ends. Keep on doing this until it becomes a habit that will take your productivity to the next level.

Pay Attention

Miscommunication is usually the result of not paying attention. At work you should always be aware on what’s going on. You should read memos and announcements in your bulletin board and you should be keen when reading your coworkers emails or correspondences. Read and reread to avoid misunderstanding.

Pay close attention when you are in a meeting or when your superior gives you instruction. The best way to do deal with this is to take down notes. This is what differentiates a mediocre employee from an exceptional employee and I have observed this all the time.

When preparing reports make sure you pick up the correct information. Always double check your work. No one knows who will rely on your report and you don’t want being chewed out because you provided the wrong data.

Don’t Delay Do It Now

If one of your coworker or boss asks for some reports or schedules which you can provide within 5 minutes or less, provide it to them immediately. If it’s something that will take you longer than that then include it in your checklist.

If you’re in the middle of something and someone approaches you and asks for something, write it in a notepad and place it where you will see it. Once you’re freed with what you are doing, send the request as soon as you can.

This is a common mistake which most employees tend to neglect. They acknowledge the request but soon forget about doing it. No matter how small or how petty these requests are they will still count on how productive you are at work.

Avoid Beating Deadlines

Develop time management strictly. Keep a listing of all the things that needs to be submitted, paid, collected and other things that has to be settled on its schedule date.

Make it a habit to prepare everything before the due date. Submit reports before your boss follows it up, prepare the payments, send the invoices, pay the taxes and other things that are related to your work.

Once you develop this habit, you will have more ample time to finish other things that needs to be done. You will be free from worries and stress, you will eat better and sleep better.

Personal Things Should be Done at Home and Not Work

I remember one staff who got terminated because she was caught three times using Facebook during office hours. She was given verbal on the first offence, written on the second and finally she got it on the third one.

Surfing the Internet especially using Facebook consumes a lot of time and so is texting and chatting. These activities are strictly prohibited in the workplace.

As much as possible avoid doing personal stuff in the office. It will waste your precious time and you will always find yourself beating the deadline. Not only that, the results of your work will show it was poorly done.

Ask if Things are Not Clear

If something’s not clear to you especially if it’s an instruction coming from a high authority, do not assume, ask and clarify things.

I learned my lesson the hard way and almost lost my job.

My former boss was an Asian and I could hardly understand his English. He instructed me to send some reports to the owners of the company and I misunderstood him.

He was so upset, when I sent the wrong reports, fortunately he was able to recall the email and I sent the correct ones.

Even since that incident, if I have doubts or concerns about something that is vague, I will not budge to do anything until everything is clear and concise.

So don’t be afraid to ask if something is not clear to you. Don’t assume, it’s better to be sure than to be sorry later on.

Always Give Your Best

When I entered the corporate world, I started at the bottom and worked my way up. I started as a clerk but it didn’t take that long until I became a supervisor and now I am a manager.

I always try to find ways to improve myself even if it could just save me a few minutes of work. And I always try to finish all my reports before they become due.

In short I was always giving my best, not only at work but in everything that I do. This I believe, is one characteristic of successful people and you can have it too.

By giving your best at work, you set yourself a high standard and the resulting quality which people will see will distinguish you as an exceptional employee. With these simple steps I outlined, follow them and I guarantee you, your coworkers and boss will appreciate your work and hopefully it will pave way for a salary increase or a promotion you have always been waiting for.