Always remember that walking is not a sign of poverty and having a car does not mean your wealthy!

When I was living a lavish life, I always made fun of frugal people.

I thought they were making sacrifices in life. They were not happy, content, and they were not enjoying life.

Unfortunately, I was wrong and it was just completely the opposite. Their life is far more promising than the life I lived before.

I was living a life with no savings. I had loans. I can’t afford to lose my job. In short, I was actually a slave.

It was this realization that changed the way I perceive about frugality and adopted it to my personal growth.

And life started to change when I started living amongst one of them.

You don’t need to be totally a frugal person to be happy and content. Just read the 7 reasons below and start adopting some of them in your life.

You will be astonished by how one single change can make a great impact on your life.

They Never Run Out of Money

I don’t mind if they make fun of me, call me frugal or cheap. The important thing is I have money and they don’t.

Obviously, frugal people always have money.

They don’t go broke because they save more than what they spend.

Their mindset is programmed to save money as much as they can. They try to defer spending until such time that it’s really necessary to buy the things that they need.

They are happy with what they have, and they are well trained to ignore what other people say about them. Even if others make fun of them. Because they know deep inside they live happy and content lives.

They Have the Option to Retire Early

A handful of frugal people I know, including my grandparents, retired early.

They were able to achieve financial independence at a very young age. They did this by saving money at a very early age.

Frugal people usually start saving at a very young age, although not all of them. Some people learn how to live a frugal life later on in life.

Those who started saving early in life can retire early. Although even for those who started saving late could still retire much earlier than those who are not preparing for their retirement.

So if you have not yet developed the habit of saving start soon, start today. And increase the amount of savings from your income. Start saving 10% and you will be amazed how fast your savings account grow.

They Have Peace of Mind

Early in my career, I experienced living from paycheck to paycheck.

I had no savings. I was a heavy smoker. I was buying things which are not really necessary. It was scary. It was only later on in life that I started saving money where I found peace. I started the habit of saving first before spending and I quit smoking.

Frugal people have peace of mind when it comes to their finances. They are totally prepared whatever financial problems that life will throw at them.

They are Creative People

Frugal people have to be extremely creative to live below their means while fully enjoying life.

They have mastered the art of recycling to use the things that can be used other than their original usage.

They always use discount coupons. They’re good at fixing things. Recycling instead of buying. Being content with gadgets or appliances that are old but still usable.

And budgeting a small amount of money to travel the places that extravagant people visit.

They Don’t Make Sacrifices (They Live a New Lifestyle)

For the majority, it takes sacrifice to live a life of frugality. To people who are not frugal, living this kind of life is difficult.

But to the frugal people, it isn’t considered a sacrifice, but instead, they consider it as living a life of fulfillment. Changing the way they live to create and live a new lifestyle.

They don’t care what other people think about them. All they care about is that they are happy and content with what they do. And what makes it more special is the amount of money they save.

They Live a Health Life

“Living far below your means” means spending just enough about everything. And this includes food.

My grandmother who was a frugal person always eats vegetables. Seldom do we eat red meat when I was young. It would take a very special occasion for us to eat what other people would consider delicious food.

But to my grandma, vegetables and fish for her are delicious food by definition.

She rarely eats red meat which she considers them expensive and useless stuff.

Well, she earned it and she lived to see her 97th birthday.

They Minimize Waste

Waste not want not.

Since frugal people are creative, they usually optimize resources before throwing them into the garbage.

They recycle a lot. They buy only the things that they need. They buy the only food that they will consume. They save, save and save.

This is where these special people shine. They rarely waste anything. They are good at drawing the line between things that can be used further and the things that have to be thrown away.

Now that you have a glimpse of how frugal people live, why not apply it in your life as well.

It would be difficult at first. Especially if living lavishly is deeply rooted in you. But do it one day at a time.

And soon even before you know it, your lifestyle will change for the best.