“Those who do not have goals are doomed to work forever for those who do,” Brian Tracy

Have you ever asked yourself what differentiates the people who achieve success from those who don’t?

One of the keys to be successful and to live a purposeful life is to have a goal. Whether in your business, personal growth, or career, a goal is what propels you to work towards success.

However, many people set goals yet somehow drop them down the road. According to research, only 8% of people who set goals achieve them.

The reason why most people fail to achieve their goals is the lack of effective goal setting strategies. It is not only about setting a goal but also taking action to achieve it.

What is a goal?

A goal is a person’s objective to achieve positive results within a given time frame.

Different people have their own distinct goals and visions.

Some are small goals like waking up early, while others are big goals, like increasing sales by 125%. Whichever type of goals you have, you need effective strategies to achieve them.

Examples of goals in life.

Business goals – This is where you want to either start a business, make more sales, or acquire a new client base.

Career and work goals – This applies to those who are employed. You might want to get a promotion, get higher pay, get a new job, or change your career.

Health and wellness goals – This is where you want to live a healthier life. It could be losing weight, quitting alcohol, quitting nicotine, or eating more healthy foods.

Personal development goals – Examples are learning a new language, learning to drive, or even get a degree in school.

Seven effective strategies for setting achievable goals.

Be SMART in Setting Goals

Brian Tracy International

Understand the Reason Behind Your Goals

Before you write down your goals, first understand why you need to achieve them.

Why are the goals so important to you, and what benefit will you get for crushing your goals? Interpreting the results of your goals will motivate you to work on achieving them.

If you are setting goals just so for fun or kinda competition against your neighbor, it ain’t gonna work.

To understand the goal results, you need to analyze your core values. Are you a leader who wants to take leadership to the next level?

A student who wants to excel in studies? Or a business person who wants to scale up their business. List down each of your core values and envision the results.

Will the results be worthwhile? Will you be proud to tell others that yeah! You worked smart to achieve those results.

Set Goals that Motivate & Inspire You

Another strategy to establish practical and achievable goals is to have motivating goals. Wouldn’t it be fantastic if you wake up every day excited to hit the next milestone in your purpose?

That is the power of goals that motivate you. Goals that you can’t wait to crush. Goals you can’t wait to achieve. You become obsessed with them. And you can only make this happen if your goals are aligned with things you love doing.

No challenge is big enough when you are inspired by your goals. With motivating goals, you know how to navigate problems down the road. You have a strategy in place to overcome blocks. To set motivational goals and crush them faster, you need to understand how the goals will change you as a person.

Tony Robbins – an American author and philanthropist, once said that “the purpose of a goal is not to get it, the purpose of a goal is who you become in pursuit of it.”

Create an Action Plan to Achieve Your Goals.

A goal without a plan is not a goal.

It doesn’t matter if you don’t have any sound plan to get to your desired destination. Write down what you think is the right way to achieve it.

You will stumble along the way. Fail many times. But each time you stand up, you revise your plans accordingly to succeed. That is the way how it works.

That is the reason why most successful people always advise you to find a mentor to lessen the mistakes that you will make.

So, if you want to save a specific amount of money within a given time, you should have an idea of how you are going to save that money, be specific. List down ways to achieve this goal.

It can include saving more from your salary, doing part-time jobs, online jobs, mowing your neighbor’s lawn, etc.

Set a Deadline

Effective time management is a key component to achieving your goals. Remember, you are working on smart goals that are time-bound. It’s imperative to have a deadline.

Having an effective time management system in place will help you crush those goals faster than you expected.

Learn about effective time management strategies and implement them to achieve your goal. You can use the quadrant time management system to identify the most important things you need to work on to achieve your goal.

Evaluate your progress

You need to evaluate each stride you make to achieve your goals. Evaluate what worked and what did not.

Change or improve your plans if they are not sound. Cast aside the ones that are not working and refine the ones that are working.

Identify the challenges you face and come up with solutions to resolve those challenges.

Having a system to help you track your progress will help you save time and resources and hit your goals faster.

Do more than what you are expected to do. Always finish things up far before the deadline. By doing so you will have more ample time to refine your plans and actions.

Draw inspiration from others.

You will always experience obstacles as you move along.

Goals can stretch you to the limits to achieve them. You need to put in more effort, raise the bar a notch higher, and in the process, you get encouraged.

To help you pull through those moments, you need to look up to those people who achieved success.

Get to know how they overcame the challenges and the strategies they used to crush their goals. Remember, “the darkest hour is just before the dawn.”

Take action!

The most important off all!

Without taking action you will always be where you are right now. No matter how life-changing your goals, if you keep on procrastinating, you will never move on in life.

I hate to mention this, but most (not everyone) successful people have experienced rock bottom at some point in time in their life.

This is what makes it difficult for people who are in their comfort zone to achieve success. Their comfort zone locks them inside a box. It hampers their personal growth, and they get stuck.

Sometimes a person or people close to you might push you to move on. It might be your wife, your daughter, your sibling, your parents, a relative or a close friend.

So find that goal or those goals that resonate with what you want to achieve in life, take action and unstuck your life.