If You Work Long Enough You Will Soon Be the Head of the Company.

I heard these kinds of stories. A couple of them I heard are true but these are isolated cases. You may even call it luck. And these happened long time ago when there were still vast opportunities and the supply of good leaders were scarce.

But right now, unless you’re the kid of the owner or have been appointed or have the right connections, chances of becoming the head of the company are pretty slim.  

If you Work Your Ass Off You Will Get Promoted Easily

Before a promotion, two things must happen. A position gets vacant because someone is leaving, or a position is created because current situations require it. If neither of these two things happen, then there won’t be a promotion.

Working your ass off is not enough. In our current society you need to make yourself competitive. Get higher learning. Take certifications. Go up the next level. Get your master’s degree. Do something that would make you stand out from the rest. And if promotion does not happen in your current employer then find another company.

The Boss Treats the Staff Equally

Do you really believe that the boss treats all the staff the same? The boss will try to be equal as much as possible but favorites will never be eliminated.

I am a manager and I will be honest that I will go to a staff who will provide me the most help I can get. People have different personalities. Some complains a lot, some are talkers while others are doers.

Bosses will go to the staff that provides the most help. The staff who is willing to go the extra hours because the boss needs something; well these staff of course gets the kudos and raises.

Productivity Means Working Long Hours

Gone are the days that you should be sweating profusely to be considered a hard worker. People before was expected to work long hours to be considered productive. But now with the advancement of technology, maximum production can be done in a short period of time.

Employers are looking for people who work smart; accomplishing so much within a relative short time frame.

If You Speak Up It Will Ruin Your Career

If you need to say something you need to speak up. If you believe you are underpaid, not treated fairly, being cast aside then bring this matter to your superior. Unless if the culprit is your own boss then go directly to HR.

Laws are in place to protect employees from harassment and discrimination. Government agencies (EEOC) who are upholding these regulations are just around the corner. So, if you think you are a victim, then speak up.

“Without ambition, one starts nothing. Without work, one finishes nothing. The prize will not be sent to you. You have to win it.”
– Ralph Waldo Emerson

You Can Make Everyone Happy

After working for 8 employers, I found out that you will NEVER please everyone. There will always be a rotten tomato. No matter how helpful you are or how amazing your work, someone will always get jealous at you.

It’s true. No matter how good you are, someone will always hate you.

Having Fun at Work Means You’re Unproductive

I remember having a boss in the late nineties that won’t allow her staff to wear headphones during work. I was raised in a conservative workplace. No noise, no music, no fun, no chitchat just purely work.

But now after two decades, you can’t prevent people from listening to music while working. With the advancement of technology and increase in workload, everybody has to unwind. Having fun in the workplace is a stress reliever.

HR Will Help You in Times of Trouble

HR is something depicted as the guardian of employees. But the truth is HR will always favor the company. HR’s primary job to protect the welfare of the company believe it or not.

Your HR will make your life a comfortabe as possible in your workplace. Protect you from other coworkers from abuse or harassment. But if the company is going to be involved in a costly dispute, then HR’s job is to protect the company.

Employer Will Warn You Before Firing You

No one will warn you if you’re going to get fired soon. These things usually are decided at the highest level. Unless the news breaks out. Not even your closest coworker will be aware of what’s going to happen next.

Hopefully the company would give you a couple of days to pack up your things.

Long Time Workers in a Company Will Be the Last One to Get Fired

Don’t be too complacent if you have been with the company for like two decades. If the company is undergoing financial obstacles it not is assured that an employee will not get fired.

I have seen people got laid off even if they have worked their whole entire life for their employer. They complain. But what’s to complain about. Having worked for a company for a long time does not guarantee you anything. Forget about this myth and always be prepared.