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People do not want to know how sausages were made but almost everyone loves to eat them.

We are a team of bloggers. We started this personal growth blog to share our experiences, to document the things we want to say, to practice our writing and to make some money on the side (thru ads).

Greg Luna – Blogger

We’ll share helpful tips on the workplace, investing on one’s self (very important), saving money, good reads, goal setting, and changing to become whom you want to become.

All of us are employed and have a full time job. We are not yet a full time entrepreneurs but we’re trying to get there soon.

We are not yet multimillionaires but our earnings are enough to provide us and our family a decent place to stay, eat whenever we’re hungry, go on travel, provide for our retirement and maintain a savings account.

This has been made possible by the principles we have been applying in our life which we now share.

So hopefully you could pick up some useful advice thru this blog and apply it in your life.

If you want to share something, we are accepting guest posts. Send us your darft in our contact page, put the subject “guest post” and we will get back to you. We can provide one link to your site.

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Please read our Disclaimer.