What is the extra mile?

Extra mile is an idiom. A famous phrase which means to do more than what you are expected to do. It means doing extra effort with or without the intent of expecting anything in return.

It may sound foolish doing that extra effort without getting paid most of the times but trust me, if you want to succeed in life, you must always be going that extra mile.

Successful people are not content in just finishing something that they are expected to finish. They know that if they deliver more, the quality of their work increases and so its value.

People who deliver more are the ones who get promoted faster. They are on the top list when pay increases are being discussed.

It’s the same thing with entrepreneurs. The ones who deliver more quality gets more attention and loyalty from their customers.

Nothing beats Amazon.com in customer service. This online store has always offered cheaper quality products. And their “satisfaction guaranteed” is number 1.

When you start to develop the habit of going the extra mile, everything around you will start to change. People will notice the quality of work you are delivering. This will keep you on people’s top list if they need anything from you.

Especially in your job. Cultivate the habit of delivering more than what is expected. The results may not come in day one. But as you continue doing this, the quality of the way you work will spread.

If you are always delivering your reports on time. Doing more than what is necessary. Management will see that. And like I mentioned, you will be on the top list when promotions and raises come.

But what if there are no opportunities for climbing the ladder in your company. Well there are other opportunities out there. If you see that no one is leaving, and no new positions are created, start looking for another employer.

With your experience you deserve a promotion and a raise. Look for another job and if they do a background check, I’m pretty sure they will be encouraged to hire you.

I didn’t climb the ladder by working on one company. I transferred several times and each time I transferred was a new promotion for me. The quality of my work not only spread within the organization I worked for but to other companies as well. Going the extra mile is crucial for personal growth. It is a necessary component to become successful in life.