If It Doesn’t Resonate, Keep Learning It, Stick to It Until It Makes Sense


I never fully understood the book “Think and Grow Rich” by Napoleon Hill when I first read it.

For me the writing was boring. It was dull and the stories in the book never sparked any inspiration whatsoever.

But nevertheless, I finished the book and passed it along to my brother who would become wealthy in the next few years.

Even though I never fully understood it, I practiced what it taught. It worked in some areas in my life, but it was a hit and miss. And I could probably attribute the good things that happened to luck.

As years passed, I picked up the book once again in one of my lowest points in life. For whatever reason I read it again.

I was waiting for something inspiring or magical to happen but nothing transpired. I couldn’t believe about the wonderful stories this book has generated over the years.

Then one day something happened…  

I got hold of the book by Monica Main, The Lost Secret: Unlocking the Hidden Chapters of Napoleon Hill’s Think and Grow Rich. After reading the first few chapters, Napoleon’s book became crystal clear, I finally understood it.

When you don’t understand something, yet it keeps on calling you, it’s time to face it and learn what it is. The thought of what the book promises has never left me since I first got hold of it.

Yet even with my fullest efforts, I could not digest what it was really trying to say to me. But I never let go. I know from my gut feeling that this book will help me reach my full potential and it did.

Haven’t I stuck with it, I could have never discovered the teachings behind it. I wouldn’t be reaping the great rewards that I am now experiencing. Since then, I applied this strategy in other areas of my life.

It may not be a book, it can be a philosophy or a lesson. It can be teaching or it can be an inspiration. If you don’t fully understand it, look at it from a different perspective. 

A single topic can be presented and taught in many ways. So, start looking for other authors or books that teach the same subject but in a different way. Then choose the one that completely resonate and blend with your understanding.   

If the voice of one author could not resonate with you, find another, then another. Keep on searching, keep on learning, and keep on doing until finally what you are trying to uncover will begin to make sense.

Then use it to shift your life in the direction you want to become.