Persistence is the Key to Success: Without it, You Won’t Succeed in Life

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We all know that almost all successful people at one time almost conceded to defeat. But they did not. They persisted and they achieved their goal.

 All of us are aware of this. Yet only a handful of people succeed in their lifetime. Even though the majority of people knows that persistence is the key, they don’t go out of their comfort zone.

Well of course we can’t blame them. We can’t force someone to change a person’s beliefs if that person is happy and content with where he or she is in life.

I guess, not all people are destined to achieve something great in life. This is the reason why they say, “you create your own destiny.”  No one creates it for you.

But what about you?

You are here reading this blog post right now. You have reached this point and I am damn sure you want to achieve something. I believe you are stuck and now is the time to unstuck your life.

Find what you most desire in life. Set your goals and plans. Any sound plan will do at the beginning. Don’t be too specific. Because eventually those plans will change along your journey. The important thing is you take action.

You must persist always if you encounter any defeat.

What do you think?

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