Weight Loss Therapy and Alternative Ways to Lose Weight

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There are dozen of ways to lose weight and weight loss therapy is one of them. Obesity is considered as one of the highly multifactorial, complex disease. In modern days people are dealing with health issues due to improper eating habits. It is very essential for the individuals to eat healthily and adopt healthy habits to be in shape and maintain good health. But still, some people do face some weight-related issues due to various reasons.

For them, there are several weight loss therapies. In this article, a vivid discussion is being done on all those therapies that are commonly being taken by people to lose weight. Losing weight is an ongoing process. No one can lose several kilos in just a few days, a great amount of dedication mentally and physically both are essential. The weight loss journey can be tough but not impossible. Here are list of ways that you can utilize to lose weight

Weight Loss Therapy

It is a psychological therapy that is combined with one’s lifestyle to attend weight loss, it is also a form of Cognitive-behavioral therapy (CBT). A therapist is involved. Usually a psychologist or an expert who is qualified to provide motivational support to someone to lose weight. The CBT motivates a person to do some exercises and control their diet with a time-lapse. It helps a person to set a definite goal of weight loss by improving their self-value. Some report has shown that maximum people who want to lose weight have mental blockings rather than physical.

So, it is important to break that and motivate them to reach their expected results. Obesity is creating several harmful effects on the body. It is the cause of several heart diseases, bone diseases, and diabetes. So, by changing one’s lifestyle the weight loss journey can be achieved effectively as being said by this therapy. CBT alone is scantly effective in some people but its combination with one’s living and maintenance creates magic.

Disorders that could benefits from cognitive behavioral therapy

Ayurveda for weight loss

Ayurveda is one of the oldest forms of a medical system that has originated from India. The main motive of this therapy is to incorporate a healthy life by maintaining a balance between one’s spirit, body, and mind. It is mainly a holistic method of treating body abnormalities. It includes a proper diet some herbal medicines and specific massages. It acts as a powerful weight loss therapy that includes a follow up of certain aspects.

Firstly, one has to drink a whole glass of lukewarm water with lemon in it in the morning after getting off the bed. Then one has to do mild to hardcore exercise in the morning for half an hour, as sweat release is essential for weight loss. One has to maintain a time routine of breakfast, lunch, and dinner and avoid snacks. The body needs a good amount of rest so early sleeping and early rising is essential, as being said in Ayurveda. Ayurveda acts well in everybody as it does not incorporate any kind of chemical in its treatment or process.

Acupressure for weight loss

The acupressure weight loss therapy works amazingly and being tried out now for several years. It is just the same as acupuncture therapy but in this, the use of needles is prohibited. In the acupressure, several points on the body are stimulated strategically with a light pressure of the fingers. Acupressure helps in pain relief majorly but can also act evidently for weight loss. In some journals the proves are articulated.

The therapy believes that the energy of life is flowing from various meridians to one’s body. So when the flow is smooth people are healthy but when it gets blocked abnormalities happen in a body. The pressure point for fat loss is below the navel that to 1.5 inches. One should start pressing the particular point slowly by increasing the pressure for two to three minutes. This will allow the body tissues to respond to the way one wants it to.

Acupuncture for weight loss

Acupuncture mainly incorporates traditional techniques of weight loss. If an individual wanted to get benefited from this technique it is said that from one to three sessions of acupuncture for reduction of weight of individual could be safe. It is also stated as one of the most effective technique to help the individuals to attain the reasonable goals of loss in weight. This particular technique mainly includes the insertion of sterile and fine needles at particular energy pathways or body points. Insertion of needles mainly aids in stimulating the endorphin release.

Endorphin is considered as the hormones of the body which is released in order to relieve pain and stress. This provides the individual with a relaxing and calming effect. It usually responds towards the desire for extreme eating caused by a rise in anxiety, stress or frustration. Therefore, it signifies that the acupuncture possesses the ability to calm distress and aid towards reducing weight without having recourse to medications.

Hypnosis for weight loss

The weight loss hypnosis is also identified as a good method to shed some weight if this technique is a part of a weight loss plan which incorporates exercise, diet and counselling. Hypnosis is said to be a state of inner concentration and absorption. It is usually practised with the assistance of hypnotherapist by using mental images and verbal repetition. Hypnosis aid to the individuals to overcome their fundamental psychological problems which lead them to dislike exercise, such as mindlessly eating habits, and binge during late night.

When an individual is dealing with emotional eating and mood swings, it could be cured by hypnosis weight loss therapy. In some studies, it has been found out that there is a modest loss in the weight of an individual. It has also been found out that individuals who practised hypnosis possess a lower degree of inflammation. The individual is able to reduce their weight through maintaining proper diet as well as exercise.


The particular research article mainly studies the various types of weight loss techniques which are beneficially for the individuals who are dealing with obesity. The article has categorized effective therapies which are most suitable for individuals with different causes of obesity. These are considered as the most effective therapy that could be suggested to the individuals with these issues. The therapy which has been acknowledged also aid towards reducing the level of depression and stress.

Weight loss therapy and alternative ways to lose weight alone are not enough. Change of lifestyle and regular exercise are needed as well if you want to maintain a healthy life and weight. So take action today, build self-confidence and self-esteem by maintaining the right weight. Read my story how I lose 30 lbs in 4 months.

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