7 Newbie Mistakes to Avoid on the First Day of Your Job

On your first day on your job, try to create good lasting first impressions. Set the tone right at the start. Your first day is very crucial in laying down what other people will perceive about you.

Coming in Late on Your First Day

You should avoid coming in late at all cost. Don’t be tardy on your first day to work. Your boss and co-workers are excited to meet you. And if you don’t come in time, it will give a bad first impression on your attendance.

Going Home Exactly on the Dot

Going home at exactly 5PM is not recommended. Stay for at least 5 – 15 minutes before going home. Some people start cleaning and arranging their workplace earlier than their time off. Avoid this. Instead, when it’s 5PM clock out then that’s the time to start packing your things and leave a few minutes later. But don’t extend too long as it might trigger your actions as wanting to have overtime.

Not Bringing a Notepad During Meetings

Attending a meeting without bringing any notepad or notebook is deemed unprofessional. Important things might be discussed like events or important dates and you don’t want missing this information. So, whenever you are called to a meeting, always bring a notepad with you.

Not Taking Down Notes

I often see this all the time. New employees being instructed by their boss and not taking down notes. New employees who are being taught to use a new software and doesn’t even care to write down the procedures in using it. It’s very important to take down notes especially when someone is giving you instruction or teaching you to use a new system or equipment. Remember, notes are important. It’s annoying if a staff keeps on asking the same things I told them because they were not taking down notes.

A person’s name is to him or her the sweetest and most important sound in any language.- Dale Carnegie

Not Remembering Names

Calling someone by his name shows recognition and respectful. It also makes the person whom you are talking to important. On your first day when your co-worker introduces you to other co-workers, do your best to remember their names. Bring a piece of paper or a notebook and start listing down names. If you don’t understand the first time they mention their name, ask them again. If you can’t remember, ask the person who is guiding you later.

Afraid to Ask Questions

Miscommunication is very costly so try to avoid them at all cost. One of the ways to avoid this is to confirm and ask questions if things are not clear to you. Don’t be afraid to ask. I prefer that my staff ask questions rather then doing things on there own and discover later that what they are doing is not right. This also minimizes miscommunications. It’s better to be clear at the beginning rather than wasting time correcting things that were not understood correctly.

Excessive Usage of Cell Phone or Surfing the Internet

Don’t use your cell phone during working hours on your first day. If you need to call someone then do it during your breaktime and get out of your work place. Although not only on your first day, always minimize your usage of Cell Phone at work. Same thing when surfing the internet for personal reasons. If someone catches you spending your time browsing facebook on your first day, this will definitely show a bad impression of you. Avoid at all cost personal usage of Internet at work.

So don’t be a newbie. Show to them that you are a professional by following these guidelines. Create a good lasting impression to your co-worker, supervisor and the management.

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